Trump and the Republican Party are headed for the trash can of history

Trump is on track to lose support from GOP voters — and so is the entire party.

The  general lack of decency from this president is the breaking point where some Republicans are saying, look, I may agree with some of his policies, but I can no longer stomach his vicious, lying attacks on decent people; his  ignorance and incompetence; and the fact that he is an all-around terrible person.

In 2016 there were a lot of Republicans who said,  “I just can’t vote for Hillary.” There had been a 30-year campaign run against her essentially to make her this mythological monster in the eyes of Republicans and they said,  “I don’t love Trump but I can’t vote for her.”  This is a different landscape now because they’ve seen that Donald Trump is a fundamentally amoral, corrupt, indecent and loathsome human being.

Is it the majority of Republicans?  Probably not.  However,  he can’t afford to lose even 3 percent or 4 percent of the Republican base or he’ll go down this fall.   There are a lot of Republicans, and it’s a growing number of Republicans and conservatives and independent-leaning conservatives, who are done. They’ve had enough. They are not going to be a party to this man’s absolute failure and the low characters surrounding him. They’re just done.

This rejection will hurt the entire GOP.

The Republican Party, as it is comprised right now, is a nationalist, populist party. It is not worth reviving.

Do we need a center-right party? We absolutely do. Is Donald Trump’s party going to be that? Absolutely not. People who empowered him have to answer to this in the end. In politics, pain is the only teacher. The pain they’ll suffer from losing election after election will be the thing that shows when the bill comes due — and it is coming due in November.