Where is Attorney General William Barr?

At Trump’s urging, Barr started two “investigations” that were designed to destroy Joe Biden.

  1. An investigation by US Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Mueller investigation, intended to prove the “deep state,” Hillary, Obama and God-only knows who else conspired to destroy Trump.  Now — three weeks before the election, Durham’s lead assistant resigned several weeks ago, no report has been announced, and Durham has not been seen.
  2. An investigation by US Attorney John Bash into Obama administration “unmasking” of Americans found to be in contact with foreign officials in violation of US law.  Bash found no evidence of substantive wrongdoing in his investigation, which has concluded without a public report. Bash left his role with the Justice Department last week.

Pic of the Moment

Meanwhile, Wm. Barr has dropped out of sight.  After Trump was tested positive for COVID-19, Barr announced he had tested negative, then, he dropped out out sight — almost two weeks ago.  Where is Barr?  Has he tested positive and is hospitalized?  Is he hiding out at his property in rural Virginia at 2048 Fleets Bay Rd, White Stone, Lancaster County, VA?