Virginia Republicans

Virginia Republicans are a prime example of the out-of-touch, ridiculous, wacky, dimwitted cranks who make up the GOP on local, state and national levels.

After electing Democratic Governors, Lt Governors and Attorneys General for a couple of terms, and after abiding ten years of Republican control of the General Assembly, Virginia Democrats won control of both houses of the General Assembly in November 2019, giving Democrats complete control of Virginia’s state government for the first time in decades.  Virginia Republicans blame everyone but themselves and their failed policies for the Democratic sweep.

This page will contain links to articles describing the failure that is Virginia’s Republican Party.

Right-wingnutcase Nick Freitas barely squeezes out victory in 7th District Republican “convention”

July 19:  Amanda Chase, Republican State Senator, praises the nomination of rightwing nutball NIck Freitas.  Chase, meanwhile, is the only Republican to declare her candidacy for VA governor in Nov 2021.

April 20:  VA Republicans go batshit crazy over COVID-19 restrictions

April 20:  Virginia Republicans plan “Reopen Virginia” rally with bullshit talking points

April 19:  VA Republicans blame fund-raising software for their 2019 loss.