Trump’s personal army leaving Portland

Federal officers who have clashed violently with demonstrators on Portland streets for weeks will begin to depart the city on Thursday, under a deal between the Trump administration and Gov. Kate Brown’s office that was announced Wednesday morning.

In exchange for a phased removal of federal officers brought in to protect federal property in the city, Brown’s office has agreed to help guard against vandalism of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse using state resources alongside the Federal Protective Service.

Brown added Oregon state troopers would “provide protection for free speech and the security of the exterior of the courthouse with the Federal Protective Service. A limited contingent of federal officials, who act as building security year-round, will remain and will stay focused on the interior of the U.S. Courthouse.”

So, essentially state troopers will be protecting protesters and the feds had better keep their noses inside where they belong. Now we see what happens when they defy that as well.

Good times.