Trump’s “campaign” continues down the toilet . . . where it belongs

With the election less than three weeks away, Trump and his campaign continue to swirl down the toilet as Americans now realize electing him was a huge mistake and cannot wait to rid ourselves of this ignorant 6-year-old.

Trump stumbles around, lies, spreads bullshit when asked about his COVID tests

President Donald Trump either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell voters watching NBC News’ town hall Thursday night when his last negative test was before he tested positive.

He also couldn’t or wouldn’t tell NBC’s Savannah Guthrie if he was tested the day of his debate with former vice president Joe Biden.

“Possibly I did. Possibly I didn’t,” he said.

“I don’t know. I don’t even remember,” he added when asked a similar question.

“I probably did,” he finally claimed.

Trump also said Guthrie could ask his doctors who would give her a “perfect” answer.

Trump “campaign” distressed over his ass-whipping by Savannah Guthrie

Reporting on the fall-out from Donald Trump’s controversial town hall on MSNBC on Thursday night, Associated Press White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire claimed that aides to the president are already admitting that the president made some “damaging” comments that could hurt his re-election campaign.

Speaking with “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski, Lemire said the range of topics exposed the president and his answers likely didn’t make anyone on the fence consider voting for him.

“Viewers would have experienced some whiplash watching the two — trying to watch both town halls,” Lemire explained while comparing the Trump town hall to Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s on ABC. “There was one moment that crystallized it: at the same moment that Trump was defending QAnon, Joe Biden was talking about the taxes. He showed empathy to the listeners, to those asking him questions.”

“In terms of the president, people I have talked to around him last night and a few texts early this morning suggested once again a real anger at the media,” he continued. “Blaming the scapegoat, in this case, Savannah Guthrie who I thought did a terrific job yesterday.”

“But I will say they do say there may have been some moments last night that may have been damaging,” he added. “Like not denouncing QAnon. The very testy one when he finally got around to denouncing white supremacy. There are certainly going to be questions about tax returns and whether or not he took a COVID test before the last debate. Several times he dodged, he evaded and raised real questions as to whether or not he exposed Joe Biden last time which is going to raise more concerns about next week when they’re supposed to set up for a final debate next Thursday.”

“The president, frankly, is running of out of time” he explained before concluding, “It’s hard to imagine, even his aides concede, that there was any moment last night that the president swung voters his way when he simply is running out of time and opportunities to change the trajectory of this race.”

Trump “campaign” merchandise on sale at steep discounts

Donald Trump’s campaign is so desperate to raise cash that it’s begun offering deep discounts on the merch it sells. The campaign’s Columbus Day “flash sale” comes amid signs that the campaign could go broke before balloting ends Nov. 3.

“For a limited time, YOU can use code COLUMBUS to get 30% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER,” screamed an email I received over the weekend, the latest in an endless stream of pitches offering Trump goods.

There was a chance to win a signed Trump-Pence football or gain membership in an exclusive “100 club” and other offerings that are unlike anything that any other campaign I know of has ever made.

In just the last month of the campaign, Biden can spend on television and a ground game what Trump’s campaign wasted in the first half of this year.

The 30% discount on routine goods stamped Trump-Pence just three weeks before balloting ends suggests that his campaign ordered a lot more merch than wanted by his eroding fan base.

Those items pitched specifically by email did sell. On Oct. 1 the Trump-Pence campaign sent me and many others this pitch, a curious one given that Trump says he is a teetotaler:

Trump pint glasses

The accompanying email said Trump “wants to do something special for you to show you how much your steadfast support means to him. He’s asked us to give you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to get our BRAND-NEW Official 2020 Make America Great Again Pint Glasses. These beautiful, American-made pint glasses are already FLYING off the shelves, but if you place an order in the NEXT HOUR, we’ll make sure you get a set before they’re gone. These will sell out FAST, so don’t wait.”

Trump Campaign Hat

It’s hard to imagine anyone gullible enough to believe that malarkey, but those quite ordinary beer glasses sold out in a few days. So did a prissy Trump “freedom hat” pitched in a similar fashion.


But you can still buy Trump-Pence “peaceful protester” women’s t-shirts in sizes up to 3XL for $30 in any color so long as it’s white. Plenty more is still available for 30% off including hoodies ($55), MAGA dog collars and a Trump coloring book for kids. At least the coloring book doesn’t show Trump in a Superman shirt, which a Trump aide told The New York Times he proposed to wear under his suit when he left the hospital so he could rip off the business attire mimicking Clark Kent. You can’t make up stuff like this.

Like the stream of daily emails I get saying I am the “only” person who didn’t respond to a text or how personally disappointed Trump is in me or how he wants me to have an autographed Trump-Pence football, it’s all to scam the people he claims to love. Trump calls them the “poorly educated.” I call them the con man’s marks

Trump refuses to answer simple questions about his finances; continues to lie about his tax audit

NBC News anchor Savannah Guthrie challenged Donald Trump on his finances during a town hall meeting that was held after the president refused to participate in the second debate.

The New York Times has obtained, it says, years of your tax returns among other things. It says you’ve had debts of approximately $421 million that you have personally guaranteed and that will come due in the next four years,” Guthrie noted. “The question is on behalf of voters, who do you owe $421 million to?”

“What they did is illegal, number one. Also, the numbers are all wrong with the numbers that were released,” Trump replied, with his statements contradicting each other.

“I’m very under — when i decided to run, i’m very under levered,” Trump said as he repeatedly forgot the word “leveraged.”

Guthrie noted Trump could clear things up by releasing his tax returns, but Trump claimed he could not do so while being audited . . . which is a lie, IRS has stated several times an audit does not prevent the release of anyone’s tax records.

Trump falls for satirical Twitter comments

President Donald Trump on Friday got fooled into believing a headline from a satirical website was an actual news story.

Specifically, the president posted a link to the conservative parody news website Babylon Bee, which earlier this week published a satirical story with the headline, “Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network To Slow Spread Of Negative Biden News.”

“Wow, this has never been done in history,” the president wrote. “This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T.”

In reality, of course, Twitter couldn’t have shut down its entire network because otherwise Trump would not be able to take to Twitter to complain about it.