Trump: Incompetent, failure, clown, psycopath

This page will serve as an anchor with links to other pages, each of which contains details of Donald Trump’s failures, incompetence, ignorance, and criminal activity — and there is a lot of each.

This page was inaugurated on April 11, 2020 and will be added to frequently.

Are you a veteran?  If so, according to Trump, you are a “sucker” and a “loser”.

Trump is psychologically defective.  He is mentally Ill and he will destroy democracy when he realizes he is losing.

Is Trump a psycopath?  The man who wrote Trump’s biography says:  “Yes!!!  No doubt about it.”

Trump goes all in with QAnon conspiracy nutballs


Trump supporters attacking, assaulting, killing peaceful demonstrators

AG Wm. Barr advances Trump’s march toward establishing a dictatorship

Trump is a psycopathic sadist whose only pleasure is hurting others

Who is Donald Trump?

Here is an essay from author Lucian Truscott, IV, Trump Has Bluffed His Way through His Entire Career — And Now The Coronavirus Is Taking Him Out.

Donald Trump psychoanalyzed:  It’s ugly; he is committed to destroying this nation

Trump is mentally ill; mentally unstable; he is a psycopath

Donald Trump’s Failures:  A List.  The website at this link is lists Trump’s failures — personal, business, Presidential.   The site is updated from time to time.  Even though it may not be exactly up-to-date, it is an excellent review of Trump’s lifelong history of failure, incompetence, criminal activity, sexual predation and general all-around uselessness.

Why Trump Must Be Defeated In 2020.

Why the Republican Party must cease to exist.