Trump: Incompetent, failure, clown, psycopath

This page will serve as an anchor with links to other pages, each of which contains details of Donald Trump’s failures, incompetence, ignorance, and criminal activity — and there is a lot of each.

This page was inaugurated on April 11, 2020 and will be added to frequently.

Trump is psychologically defective.  He is mentally Ill and he will destroy democracy when he realizes he is losing.

Is Trump a psycopath?  The man who wrote Trump’s biography says:  “Yes!!!  No doubt about it.”

Trump supporters attacking, assaulting, killing peaceful demonstrators

AG Wm. Barr advances Trump’s march toward establishing a dictatorship

Trump is a psycopathic sadist whose only pleasure is hurting others

Who is Donald Trump?

Here is an essay from author Lucian Truscott, IV, Trump Has Bluffed His Way through His Entire Career — And Now The Coronavirus Is Taking Him Out.

Donald Trump psychoanalyzed:  It’s ugly; he is committed to destroying this nation

Trump is mentally ill; mentally unstable; he is a psycopath

Donald Trump’s Failures:  A List.  The website at this link is lists Trump’s failures — personal, business, Presidential.   The site is updated from time to time.  Even though it may not be exactly up-to-date, it is an excellent review of Trump’s lifelong history of failure, incompetence, criminal activity, sexual predation and general all-around uselessness.

Why Trump Must Be Defeated In 2020.

Why the Republican Party must cease to exist.