Trump demeans, attacks another female reporter

‘That’s enough of you’

President snaps at CBS’ Paula Reid after she asks what his plan is for the nearly 36 million Americans seeking unemployment aid since the coronavirus pandemic began

Donald Trump has attacked another female reporter who asked the president on Tuesday about a national reopening plan surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a “rude person” and adding: “That’s enough of you.”

The president was responding to a question from CBS’ Paula Reid, who asked him why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work.

“Just a rude person you are,” he said, before claiming “the plan is that each state is opening”.

“I think we’ve announced a plan, the plan is that we’re reopening the country, just a rude person you are,” he said. “We’re opening up our country and we’re opening it up very fast.”

“It’s opening up very effectively,” he added. “When you see the numbers I think even you will be impressed, which it’s pretty hard to impress you.”

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This asshole demeans, degrades, and disgraces his office and this country every day.