South Dakota governor trying to be as stupid as Trump

Yes, she’s a Republican. Did you really even have to ask?

Courtesy of WaPo:

As governors across the country fell into line in recent weeks, South Dakota’s top elected leader stood firm: There would be no statewide order to stay home.

Such edicts to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, Gov. Kristi L. Noem said disparagingly, reflected a “herd mentality.” It was up to individuals — not government — to decide whether “to exercise their right to work, to worship and to play. Or to even stay at home.”

And besides, the first-term Republican told reporters at a briefing this month, “South Dakota is not New York City.”

But now South Dakota is home to one of the largest single coronavirus clusters anywhere in the United States, with more than 300 workers at a giant ­pork-processing plant falling ill. With the case numbers continuing to spike, the company was forced to announce the indefinite closure of the facility Sunday, threatening the U.S. food supply.

“A shelter-in-place order is needed now. It is needed today,” said Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken, whose city is at the center of South Dakota’s outbreak and who has had to improvise with voluntary recommendations in the absence of statewide action.

Instead of protecting her constituents, Governor Noem announced that they would be holding trials to test the drug chloroquine, which Trump has been touting as a wonder drug and which she somehow believes takes the place of social distancing. 

However there is bad news on that front.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:

A small study in Brazil was halted early for safety reasons after coronavirus patients taking a higher dose of chloroquine developed irregular heart rates that increased their risk of a potentially fatal heart arrhythmia.

Chloroquine is closely related to the more widely used drug hydroxychloroquine. President Donald Trump has enthusiastically promoted them as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus despite little evidence that they work, and despite concerns from some of his top health officials. Last month, the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency approval to allow hospitals to use chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine from the national stockpile if clinical trials were not feasible. Companies that manufacture both drugs are ramping up production.

Once again I have to ask why do people elect Republicans to run their government?   I just do not  understand.

First criteria to be a Trump adviser: Be dumb as a box of hammers

Trump adviser gets his ass kicked . . . on national TV

Courtesy of The Week:

CBS News’ 60 Minutes spoke with Peter Navarro, Trump’s trade adviser and newly minted supply-chain manager, about why the Trump administration appeared to be caught flat-footed by the pandemic. “In his new role, Navarro is in charge of the federal response of getting personal protective equipment, or PPE, for America’s medical workers,” Bill Whitaker said to set up a clip in 60 Minutes Overtime. “Navarro was at times more interested in questioning 60 Minutes’ record than in discussing preparations the Trump administration made for this global pandemic.”

Navarro issued 60 Minutes a specific challenge, in fact: “I challenge you: Show me the 60 Minutes episode a year ago, two years ago, or during the Obama administration, during the Bush administration, that said, ‘Hey, global pandemic’s coming, you gotta do X, Y, and Z, and by the way, we would shut down the entire global economy to fight it.’ Show me that episode, then you’ll have some credence in terms of attacking the Trump administration for not being prepared.” Whitaker showed that, by Navarro’s standards, 60 Minutes had plenty of credence to criticize Trump’s level of preparedness.

60 Minutes then proceeded to broadcast this clip. 

Oh yeah, I don’t care who you are that is going to leave a mark.

How did he NOT see that coming?

I swear that it seems as if the first criteria for being an adviser to Donald Trump is that you be dumb as shit.

Trump declares himself king . . . he doesn’t know what happens to kings

Trump’s proclamation that he has “absolute authority” is bullshit.  HE IS NOT A KING.  Our Constitution was written the way it is to ensure we will never have a king.

Here are several items Trump and his supporters should consider.

Charles I of England

Charles was born into the House of Stuart and succeeded to the British kingship  in 1625.  His reign was marked by quarrels with the Parliament and civil war.  . Charles believed in the divine right of kings from which he claimed absolute authority.  From 1642, Charles fought the armies of the English and Scottish parliaments in the English Civil War. After his defeat in 1645, he surrendered to a Scottish force that eventually handed him over to the English Parliament. Charles refused to accept his captors’ demands for a constitutional monarchy.  He eventually was captured, tried, convicted, and executed for high treason in January 1649.

The people who wrote our Constitution were the great-grandsons of the people who chopped off Charles’ head.  Trump should have paid attention in history class.

The Man Who Would Be King

There was that great old movie, “The Man Who Would Be King” based on a Kipling tale about two British adventurers who found themselves in what is today’s Afghanistan ( also known as “the graveyard of empires”).  One of the two (played by Sean Conroy) fancies himself the absolute king ruling over an isolated mountain tribe and is worshipped as a god by the locals.  His fellow adventurer (played by Michael Caine) is a more moderate sort, and warns the would-be king about the folly of hubris.  When it comes time for the king to take a bride (who turns out to be a beautiful 17 year old virgin), she bites him and draws blood during the marriage ceremony and the ignorant tribesmen suddenly realize that he is in fact mortal . . . and they chop off his head.

French royalty

Back in the late 1700’s — 1789-1799 — the French royalty proclaimed they ruled because they were “bluebloods”.  So the peasants led them to the guillotine and chopped off their heads to check.  Did not work out so well for the royalty.

Trump is raving about his usual list of villains — no one listening except his brain-dead supporters

Whenever you read about a pack of lies spread by Donald Trump, it’s important to remember one thing: He’s lying to his own disciples more than anyone else.

The rest of us — the normal people — are not the dupes in his various acts of desperate treachery, even though we the may be the victims of his incompetence.   But the targets of his well-practiced bullshit are his own gullible fans and they are eating it up.

This time, the president’s scheme involves blaming everyone except himself for his blind inaction and delusional, carefree attitude toward COVID-19 for months on end, another example of his impotence, so far removed from the normal behavior of strong, legitimate leaders.

Here’s a partial list of his villains for COVID-19.

Step One: Blame China

It’s already well established that ever since he tried to coin his own phrase for the virus, the “Chinese virus,” Trump’s intention has been to find a culprit to blame in order to deflect criticism of his total ineptitude. Namely China.

It’s germane to underscore here that it hasn’t been the aforementioned Normals who have routinely lionized Chinese President Xi Jinping. In fact, every time the topic of China pops into one of Trump’s whining jags, he can’t help but to praise Xi as a personal friend with whom he gets along really well, according to him. Consequently, while Trump’s Red Hats are accustomed to applauding any mention of the friendship between Xi and Trump, the carpet has yet again been snatched out from under them, now that their cult leader insists Xi’s China is the real crook in all this. No wonder Trump’s supporters are so confused. The neck-snapping whiplash must be brutal.

Trump’s ties to President Xi’s China run deeper than the big beautiful chocolate cake Xi apparently enjoyed so much as a guest at Mar-a-Lago. While the White House is frantically its pointing stumpy fingers at China as the real killers, the Trump Organization continues to do billions in business with China. The top Chinese state-owned bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., has rented an entire floor in Trump Tower for the last 12 years — at $2 million per month. Ivanka Trump’s fashion products rely upon Chinese labor, while the Trump hotel chain has offices in China as well. Meanwhile, half a billion dollars in Chinese money has been invested in an Indonesian project that includes Trump-branded properties.

Communist China,” as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called that nation the other day, is clearly one of Trump’s leading business and investment partners — and also the alleged real enemy in the COVID-19 outbreak. How do you square that one, Red Hats?

Step Two: Scapegoat the experts

The Trump White House has also been actively floating trial balloons about firing Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, after Fauci made the mistake of saying on CNN that the president should have enacted preventative measures earlier in the crisis. This obvious truth triggered the president’s fragile ego, leading him to consider replacing Fauci. Trump and his fluffers in the conservative entertainment complex are also spreading the word that, somehow, it’s really Fauci’s fault that the White House didn’t do more to prevent the spread of the virus.

By the way, discontinuing travel from China was the least Trump could’ve done without doing nothing. Even though he’s insisting on a participation trophy for his decision to do it, it was nothing more than a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound. Too little too late. Forty thousand people traveled from China to the U.S. anyway, after Trump’s declaration. The travel ban was one of dozens of things he should’ve authorized in January — and much earlier than he did. Oh, and most of the COVID-19 cases arrived in the U.S. from Europe anyway.

Regardless of all that, get ready for Fauci to be bounced and then for a smear campaign to ramp up, especially now that the White House issued a statement claiming Fauci wouldn’t be fired — the usual head-fake kiss of death from Trump. Yes, the most competent pandemic expert in the White House is going to be sacked by an anti-vaxxer who stared into a solar eclipse, risking more lives in order to shield Trump and his delicate ego from blame.

So, in case you’re keeping score, the piss-poor response by the federal government, which worsened the crisis and led to increased misery across the country, is actually the fault of China and Tony Fauci. We can add state governors to the list too.

Step Three: It’s the governors’ fault the economy sucks

As we’ve all witnessed, Trump is framing his out-of-touch pronouncements about the pandemic as “cheerleading” for the country. There’s cheerleading and then there’s clinical delusion — best illustrated by that “this is fine” cartoon dog meme. He thinks (or claims he thinks) that he’s being positive, but he’s actually just shielding himself from accountability by continuing to downplay the emergency.

Make no mistake: Everything the president does is exclusively about Trump and Trump’s shot at re-election. Nothing more. Cheerleading the nation is actually cheerleading the Trump campaign.

So when it comes to rushing ahead by prematurely reopening the economy, he’s casting himself as the good cop fighting against the state governors — the bad cops — the meanies who won’t let Americans leave their houses and return to “normal” lives.

Quite likely the real point of this aspect of Trump’s overzealous attempt to restart the economy too soon is to defer blame on governors who will resist his urge, chiefly because it could cause another spike in COVID-19 infections and deaths.

This way, as Salon’s Amanda Marcotte wrote the other day, Trump can blame the economic downsides of the pandemic on the governors, in blue and red states alike, since they’re the ones who will refuse to end stay-at-home orders. Perhaps he’ll spare the ones who are “nice to Trump,” but everyone else will be blamed for struggling businesses and a sluggish economy, even though sparing lives ought to take priority over boosting the Dow. Trump knew long before COVID-19 that his herky-jerky presidency was being propped up by the economy, and now he’s doing everything he can to make sure he doesn’t get blamed for catastrophic economic indicators that his own screwball lethargy helped to worsen.

Nevertheless, the only voters who’ll buy into this “everyone screwed up except Trump” PR strategy will be the ones who already believe Trump is their clown messiah — and they would vote for him even if he told them to substitute pages of the Constitution for sold-out rolls of toilet paper. No one else is buying his snake oil anymore, as indicated by his rising disapproval numbers.

Trump is deliriously grasping for anything that might extricate his incompetent presidency from a disaster he himself made worse — and the reason he did that in the first place was because he was far more interested in not spooking the economy, a goal he continues to pursue. If he were seriously interested in solving these accumulating calamities he would step aside, go play golf, and allow the grownups and experts to handle things from here. But he won’t. He’s demanding credit when he deserves none, and he’s placing blame where little exists.

My rule from the beginning has always been: Trump always makes things worse for Trump. This time, however, he’s dragged the rest of us down with him. It’s a real shocker that the idiot who asked Meat Loaf whether he should run for president, who paid hush money to a mistress while in the White House, and who deliberately scammed charities with his illegal foundation would be such an irresponsible chief executive. Now he’s also presiding over 9/11-level casualties every day due to an outbreak that could have been mitigated by a halfway competent administration, and definitely by a more legitimate president — not to mention one who’s not so tragically out of his depth.

Wisconsin voters give the big middle finger to Republicans, Trump

The Wisconsin GOP, in a last ditch effort to save right-wing Justice Dan Kelly, forced an in-person election during the worst pandemic in US history because they admitted a low turnout election would put him in victory. Donald Trump, doing everything but his job, supported this and found plenty of time to tweet constantly about needing a victory for Mr. Kelly.

This is because of an upcoming case that will decide if hundreds of thousands of Democratic voters can be illegally purged from the state rolls. A victory win for Kelly would have kept the partisan balance on the Court required to make that happen, as well as help Trump with the state in November.

The GOP knew pissing off voters would be bad, but didn’t care. They were sure this ploy would work. The bastards even had the audacity to actually CELEBRATE the ruling by the hyper-partisan US Supreme Court, which found on a 5-4 party-line vote that Wisconsinites had to vote in-person.

  • Never mind that they were told otherwise.
  • Never mind that most of them were UNABLE to get their absentee ballots delivered.
  • Never mind that bin after bin of crammed absentee ballots were discovered in post offices, never to have been delivered.

NOPE—screw ‘em. Kavanaugh promised vengeance with every vote, and the other conservatives are either sycophants or too invested in GOP politics to enact justice. There was no damn excuse for this ruling. The Robert’s Supreme Court has given up even showing the false pretense of non-partiality, and rules in favor of whatever they think will help their party win, even if lives are on the line.

So Wisconsinites were forced by the GOP to make a choice: lose your right to vote, or risk your life.

Unfortunately for them, the majority of Wisconsinites decided that they would NOT be cowed. They stood in line for hours, under masks and in full get up. It poured rain at one point, but they stayed in line. They sent a message loud and clear:


Liberal Jill Karofsky creamed right-wing Justice Daniel Kelly.

She is the second person to knock off a sitting justice in over five decades!!

Better yet, several judges that Scott Walker picked also were defeated. The Democrats won the whole ball of wax, and we owe it all to the GOP’s hatred of democracy.

Just a month ago, many polls showed Trump with a solid lean in Wisconsin. That’s gone, buddy. The people are pissed off! They should be. They are cleaning house. You f—d up, GOP. You f—d up good!

Wisconsinites know exactly what was done to them, and by whom. Many of them probably would have sat this election out, and no doubt there were thousands of fence-sitters. But then the GOP went after them—threatened them—and tried to force them to stay home. Americans, and especially mid-Westerners, don’t take too kindly to folks who put their lives in danger.

This is what GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was wearing when he said that voting in person was no big deal:

And Trump should be very, very, very scared. Not for just losing the election, which is practically a foregone conclusion at this point, but what happens afterwards. When all of his cowardly lackeys no longer have any fear of him, they will spill everything. Trump can barely conceal the crimes he commits now, but just wait. He’s going to have a miserable final few years. But he can take solace that nothing that happens to him will come close to what he’s done to his fellow Americans the past few years—including the children he tormented.

Sadly, Trump is only going to get more desperate and depraved until he’s gone. My God, if he can torture a state full of voters he actually needs, just imagine the awful things he will try to do to everyone else.

But make no mistake, The Day of Reckoning is here — November 3, 2020, and Trump WILL be gone!!

Four good things happened today, April 13, 2020

 In Wisconsin, big things happened.

  •  Republicans tried to screw with the primary election, hoping to suppress the Democratic vote.
  • Didn’t work.  A Democrat was elected to the WI Supreme Court and three candidates supported by Trump were defeated.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden

  • Now we will see the Bernie Bros piss and moan, but, they’ll vote for Slow Joe and Trump is toast.

East Coast governors and West Coast governors announced they are forming coalitions, making a powerful statement that “We are all in this together.” 

  • By doing this, the governors told Trump he is irrelevant to COVID-19 response.
  • This is the worst possible news for Trump.  He proclaimed that he can order to states to open their schools, businesses, etc.
  • The governors told Trump to go fuck himself, they will provide the leadership he is incapable of.

All together, today marked the end of the Trump Reign of Terror.

The Reckoning is coming:  November 3, 2020.

Trump forms Council to Re-Open America . . . and the members are:

We have:

President’s daughter

Qualifications for the job: None

President’s son in law

Qualifications: Married to President’s unqualified daughter. Dull normal prep school kid whose felonious father bribed his failed son’s way into college. Fields of expertise: slum lording, social climbing.

Larry Kudlow: Former (?) cokehead who poses as an economist, despite no formal training in the field. Possesses a 30+ year streak of being wrong about literally everything.

Wilbur Ross: Rich weirdo. Very old, narcoleptic, steals sugar packets from restaurants.

Mark Meadows: Right wing nut. Formal education consists of an Associate’s Degree from South Florida Cosmetology and Jai Alai College.


Robert Lighthizer. Random DC lawyer. Hates China.

Steve Mnuchin:  Random rich guy with young trophy wife

This is who leads us.

The Council to Re-Open America contains:  No physicians or epidemiologists. Trump’s children, a birther Shithead, the king of the nerds, the worst financial analyst in America, Lighthizer and Betsy Ross’ brother. They’ve got this.

In Wisconsin, The Reckoning has started . . . Republicans lose big

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker  who lost his own bid for re-election in 2018 just keeps on losing.   THREE of his hand picked judicial candidates lost in last weeks election in Wisconsin. The ballots were counted today because a court order delaying the vote count was still in effect.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judges Paul Dedinsky and Dan Gabler were both defeated in their elections and State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly lost his election to Democrat  Jill Karofsky.   All three were Walker appointees to the courts.

Risking their lives to vote in person and by absentee,  Wisconsin voters stood in line for 2-3 hours to vote — they showed Republicans there are consequences to screwing around with peoples votes. Even with less than 1% of the polls open statewide due to the pandemic, people made a huge effort to show up.

Trump was all in for the Republican judges; all lost

November 3, 2020:  The Day of Reckoning