FBI wraps up a crowd of Trump’s poll watchers

Some “very fine people” won’t be volunteering for Poll Watching come Election Day as 5 indictments in 3 states were unsealed on 24 more white supremacists this Wednesday past. The Aryan Circle Gang members will be facing charges of “racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering, drug conspiracy, and unlawful firearms trafficking.”

According to court documents, the AC is a violent, race‑based organization that operates inside federal prisons across the country and outside prisons in states including Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.


The indictments are part of Operation Noble Virtue, an investigation targeting the Aryan Circle leadership. Already, 17 federal convictions in six jurisdictions have been won, according to the Department of Justice.


William Barr, Donald Trump’s fascist Attorney General has yet to be seen or heard from about this sweep up of anarchists and criminals, nor has he had any comment to make about the arrest of the Michigan white gang of seditionists plotting to overthrow the government and kidnap Governor Whitmer. No surprise there really as Barr is busy reading tea leaves behind closed doors and hoping for a quiet side door exit from Trump’s increasingly obvious incitements to violence and Sedition.

Meanwhile, with all these armed dimwits going to jail, where is Trump going to get poll watchers for the November election??