The author of this blog is a retired Army infantry officer with 30 years of service (1964-1995) including three combat tours in Vietnam. I’m a Southerner — born and reared in rural Mississippi; bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mississippi; now living 9 months a year in Mississippi, 3 months in Virginia. I’m a Yellow Dog FDR New Deal Democrat. And, as you will discover as you read this blog, I have no use for today’s Republican Party because today’s GOP has turned into the enemy of everything that made this nation great.

Donald Trump and his forerunner, Sarah Palin, are not oddities in the Republican Party.  They ARE the Republican Party:  Ignorant; incurious; gullible; liars; not very smart; scheming; devious.

For almost all of our history, America has been a place of great goodness and compassion; where character, erudition and empathy were the hallmarks of our leaders.  We were that place until a black man was elected President and the hatred, lies and venom directed at him by the Republican Party led to the election of a buffoon.

On November 9, 2016, an ignorant, semi-literate con-man — with help from a foreign nation — became President.  Sixty percent of Americans — poor, working class, middle class, minorities — are ignored by a hate-filled ignoramus who cares for only himself and his billionaire friends.

Trump violated his oath of office with the assistance of a foreign power and a coalition of Nazis, white supremacists, and Congressional toadies and now he and his allies are hell-bent on turning our nation into an autocracy — if not a dictatorship.

Trump’s destruction of our rule of law; his ignoring restrictions on the power of the President; his use of his position to enrich himself and his friends; and his desire to mimic his iron-fisted heroes — brutal dictators in North Korea, Philippines, and Russia — all combine to pose the greatest threat to this nation since the Civil War.

Trump must be removed from office.  The gutless Republicans who empower him must be removed from office.

Just as the Great Depression — brought on by the Republican policies of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover — led to the destruction of the Republican Party, so in November 2020 should the US conduct a reckoning that destroys the Republican Party for many generations.